Ttown1COL“..a blend that combines chirruping synths with snagging melodies and thoughtful lyrics.. The standout tracks – and there are several – include the sassy Burning Heart and the infectious I Want Somebody”
“The super-catchy Burning Heart is Seven Summits’ anthem. Opening with the genius Weezer homage “Ooh-ee-ooh I look nothing like Buddy Holly” it’s nothing less than a sublime, perfectly constructed pop song. It continues to raise the hairs on the back of my neck after about 500 listens.”
“Standout long-player with oversized swathes of pop assaulting your senses like a melodic blitzkrieg.. Burning heart is the stand out track.. Three minutes and thirty seconds of shimmering indie pop perfection”
“..the album is a set of hook-laden indie-pop gems that’s very easy to love.. (there’s a little bit of Pavement here and there, a bit of Grandaddy, even some R.E.M. scattered amongst everything else) .. the bar is perhaps set a little too high by the opener ‘Sooner or Later’, which, it has to be said, is one of the most perfect pop songs from these shores in a while..”
‘From it’s bass-driven opening, to the moment the swirling hypnotic synth enters the mix, this song had ‘classic’ written all over it. Add to this the wryly touching lyric from Rory Nellis, and you have easily one of the best songs of 2011, Northern Irish or otherwise.’ – STEVEN RAINEY BBC RADIO

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